Better Together: The Great Varieties of PIDs and How to Use Them: Navigating the Persistent Identifier Landscape

DataCite, ORCID, and Crossref as international open scholarly infrastructure are adopted globally, but in APAC, national level PID providers also share the vision and work with their respective local communities to build services and tools to help them achieve data management goals. We are spoiled by the thriving PIDs ecosystem with PIDs for different types of entities, different levels of technical interoperability, different governance model, different user community, etc. - When the time comes to build an optimal PID integration or adoption strategy, how should one navigate the landscape?

Join the continued conversation in the Better Together APAC webinar series to dive into the topic of working with multiple PIDs, hear from DataCite, Crossref and ORCID, as well as organizations that have all ready built and implemented strategies that synergize the strength of different PIDs to provide their communities with the flexibility to meet varied use cases, making them truly better, together.

Bring your questions, there will be plenty of time for Q&A!

The slides and recording will be shared afterwards through the DataCite Zenodo Community and YouTube Channel, respectively.

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Webinar 3: Better Together: PIDs and Open Science led by ORCID on November 1st. 6:00 AM UTC
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Webinar 1: Better Together: Improving Access to the Global Scholarly Record led by Crossref on August 30th, 6:00 AM UTC
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Chieh-Chih Estelle Cheng, Lombe Tembo Shuma, Mohamad Mostafa, Susan Collins, Robbykha Rosalien, & Arifa Ghani Rahman. (2023, August 30). Better Together: Improving Access to the Global Scholarly Record. Zenodo. Better Together: Improving Access to the Global Scholarly Record | Zenodo