Call for Papers - Forum for Open Research in MENA 2022

The Knowledge E Foundation would like to announce a call for papers for the Forum for Open Research in MENA. The event will be held in Cairo, 26-27th October 2022.

This event is designed to foster awareness and understanding of Open Science and its benefits, and facilitate the exchange of ideas and actionable insights. We hope to encourage participants to consider all the issues surrounding equitable Open Scholarship and Open Science practices, by providing a mixture of outstanding talks, strategy sessions, networking opportunities and workshops.

We invite librarians, researchers, government policy makers and higher-education institutions across the Middle East and North Africa to discuss new findings, research and case studies on any aspect of Open Research. Proposals for 20-minute papers, pre-made panels, and roundtable sessions are all welcome. The submission deadline is 31st August 2022.

Topics can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Why is Open Research so important?
  • How university leaderships can support the creation of equitable Open Research
  • Sustainability and Open Research
  • How libraries can support Open Access
  • Predatory publishing
  • MENA case studies for libraries, universities, and government policy-makers

For further enquiries and more information about the event, please email the organisers (addressed to Dr Emily Choynowski) at

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