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Https post example (with refs and update)

Hello all,

We’d like to automate the submission process using https post. Specifically, we’d like to

  • (1) Upload metadata (that’s explained in the docs, so no problem).
  • (2) Upload the refs

then (if necessary)

  • (3) Update the metadata of the same record
  • (4) Update the refs.

Does anybody have a worked example? Many thanks!

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Hi Bjoern,

We have an example https post transaction in our documentation here.:

A reference list can be included in the same metadata deposit as the bibliographic metadata for a given publication, or they can be submitted in a later, reference-only deposit.

This is an example xml metadata deposit for an article with references included:

And this is an example xml resource deposit, adding a reference list to the metadata a previously-registered DOI:

For the first, you’d use the operation doMDUpload in a https post command.

For the second, you’d use the operation doDOICitUpload.

I hope that helps clarify things for you. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Thank you, that’s really helpful! :pray:

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