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My first week working from home during the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic

@ifarley - As one of the newest members of the Crossref team I want to thank you for continuing to show just how amazing the staff is. Never did I imagine I would become part of such an amazing team.

The only thing I can add to your incredibly thoughtful post is a recreation of what I imagine our first meeting in person will look like:


We’re missing you too, @Ginny! Virtual hugs to you too. Looking forward to welcoming you back when you’re ready.


We’re lucky to have you @jschuweiler! I assume that’s me on the right, right?


I too feel very fortunate that I work at an organization that allows me to work from home and I don’t take that lightly. So many others do not have that option.

I experienced nearly all of the bullet points you shared above!
This image shared by one of our colleagues made my friends and family laugh, so I’ll share here.


I hope others find this post, feel comforted, less alone, and will share as well.

Thanks for sharing this, Isaac. :fist_right::fist_left:


Glad you’re here too @rclark! What a weekend ahead! I do wish I had that second bath.


No, you’re on the left.

I also look forward to meeting your family.

(If it’s not clear, I’ve been working full time from home for six years)


I’m hoping that our all-staff-get-together later this year will be the location for all these meetings. Fingers crossed for that!

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Maternity leave is lonely enough at the best of times but not being able to pandemic-meme-share with y’all on slack is like a new kind of sleep withdrawal! Glad to hear your family is staying safe and sensible. It’s fine here too, if weird. I can’t wait for us all to become overnight expert home-schoolteachers :astonished:.


Well said Isaac and I can so relate. Glad for all my colleagues and their sense of humo(u)r.

  • “Did you say that the new research suggests it can live three hours in the air? The air?”

Can it? Does it? I only just navigated walking by someone on a 1m pavement with an over-hanging tree keeping a 2m distance! We both stopped 5m before the tree and said “after you!”… “ no, after you” … “I insist” … “shall I step into the road to give you space!” … “that would be very kind” … “good day” … “good day”.

Great post! You made me smile as I headed into the weekend


That’s hilarious, @bryanvickery!


Glad it brought a smile, Bryan. I enjoyed writing it. I’ve had similar experiences this week on our walks.

And, yes, on the air question: and/or

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Thanks for these warm words, Isaac! And thanks to everyone at Crossref for bringing your humor and compassion to such a hard situation. :crossref_icon:

everyone navigating their shower trains like…


I already assumed that virus can survive in air before WHO declared!! Rapid transmission and pandemic only possible if virus survive in the air.


You described my quarantine in 3 lines, haha.


Are you in Brazil right now @BrunaErlandsson? How are things where you are?

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Hi everyone! In the south of Brazil, Maringá city it is early autumn, the colors of the sky are beautiful.

Working in the bedroom, kitchen, balcony. :sweat_smile:

The quarantine left me with only the sky and a lot of traffic noise from delivery motorcycles all the time, and 21:00 curfew.

He went out a few times to go to the market and it was scary. Trying to invent some food. Today the spaghetti was not good. hahaha :laughing:

We still have low numbers on the pandemic, but it is due to the lack of rapid tests and the weather is still hot (23C), but when winter comes I am very concerned. :frowning_face:


Heyy! Yeah, I’m in Brazil just like my friend @edamasio!

As Damasio said, the numbers are still “low” here, but I’ve talked to some friends that are ICU doctors and they are expecting the worst to come in the mid of this month :frowning:

Looks like some people have a hard time understanding that its necessary to stay inside (this includes our President, haha).

Hopefully it will happen soon! You should bring your kids, how old are they? It would be nice to celebrate the end of this nightmare by the beach :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the photo @edamasio. Looks like a beautiful day there. Yes, we’ve had to make some adjustments to what we eat too. No spaghetti yet :slight_smile:

Hi @BrunaErlandsson. My kids are 4 and 7 years old. They’d love to visit Brazil (and the beach)! I’m in the midwest of the USA, so our numbers are much lower than some coastal areas. Health experts are predicting a peak in the next few weeks. Fortunately, my family and I are able to stay safe at home.