Ticket of the month - March 2022 - Getting started with REST API queries

Hi @edgolovin ,

We use the default scoring in Elasticsearch (ES): Practical BM25 - Part 2: The BM25 Algorithm and its Variables | Elastic Blog. The query is scored against a field which is a concatenation of several metadata fields.

There is also one additional thing to keep in mind about these scores: in search engines, such as ES, scoring is not supposed to be meaningful across different queries, i.e. the score is not some sort of objective global measure of similarity. The number is not scaled to any known range, and it will depend a lot on the query itself. Scores are only supposed to allow us to compare the similarity of different indexed documents with the same query , and so it only enables us to sort the results for a given query.

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hi Isaac,
I am wondering ig it is possible to write a query on the keywords used by articles’ authors ? I can’t find the command.
Thank you by advance for your help

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Hi @AlRen ,

Unfortunately, keywords asserted by authors are not a part of the metadata record registered with Crossref, so there’s no way to search for an author’s keywords using our API.


Hello all,

For those of you looking to get started with using our API, I highly recommend the API 101 for publishers, researchers, and librarians with Postman and Crossref - ConTech.Live video tutorial hosted by my colleague Rachael Lammey, our Director of Product, and Claire Froelich, Student Community Manager at Postman. So well done!