Category Topics

Technical Support

Please use this category to post technical queries to Crossref staff and the wider community.

Content Registration

Content registration allows Crossref members to register and update metadata via machine or human interfaces.

Community Events

Here you can find news about all our upcoming events and webinars.
Find out about events in your region, logistics, speakers, topics and more. Join in the discussion and share your experiences from attending one of our events.

Metadata Retrieval

The collective power of our members’ metadata is available to use through a variety of tools and APIs—allowing anyone to search and reuse the metadata in sophisticated ways.

Metadata Development

Crossref metadata development - share suggestions for expanding and refining Crossref metadata, stay up to date with requests for community feedback and schema releases, and more.

Crossref Services

We offer a wide array of services to ensure that scholarly research metadata is registered, linked, and distributed.

Questions from Crossref

Here you can find questions from the Crossref staff. Feel free to provide us with your thoughts, comments, suggestions and feedback on a range of different issues we post to the group!

News and current events

This category is dedicated to industry news, trends in scholarly publications and communications, and the world around us.

Crossref admin

Hello Crossref members!
Do you have questions about billing or invoicing, your Crossref credentials, or want to update your official contacts? Post here and someone will get back to you soon.

Crossref strategy

This is where we will share some of the latest motions passed by the Crossref board and discuss any significant plans for our future. Feel free to ask questions here too - the more thorny the better!


Our reports are tools to help you evaluate and improve your participation in Crossref such as enriching or completing your metadata. This reports category is intended to discuss all our reporting: Participation Reports, reports by email (e.g., resolution and conflict reports), and reports available on our website (e.g., depositor and Schematron reports). How good is your metadata? Find out using Participation Reports and other reports to evaluate your metadata records, check for any issues, and learn how to resolve them.

Welcome to the Crossref Community Forum!

Welcome to the Crossref Community!