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Hi Sal!

Your message was sent to the address of the journal where I am the
editor (contact@jurnalalse.com), but I am not Lazar?
Maybe it’s an error?

Best wishes,
Daniel Bucur

Iasi University of Life Sciences

Hi Daniel

Thank you for your message. I’m hoping my message will have reached Lazar, too (I’ve just re-sent it to him, to be sure!).

Best wishes


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Dear Sally,

I’m also getting replies to posts on the Community forum. These replies are not only replies to Crossref’s posts, I am getting replies for other members of the Community (when the member posts a question that I haven’t seen before or wrote about it).


There was reply from Isaak to @pastory (18th January) regarding metadata changes for this DOI 10.32598/JROSJ.9.1.855.1 (Negah Scientific Publisher).
I have checked the publisher and DOI (just to see why I have received this message) and it envolves publisher from Iran.

For this message, on 19th January, I have received messages:
Lazar – Sally, Sally – Lazar, Daniel – Sally, Sally-Daniel (on 5th, messages came from Fabienne and Donny).

It is not a problem to receive this, I am learning form it, but it is only for your information.

Have a lovely weekend,

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Hi @AnjaMas ,

Apologies if you are receiving notifications for posts that are not relevant to you. It may be that you toggled on watching the thread I commented on. You can adjust your settings on any thread in this forum using the ‘watching’ settings on the bottom left of the page.

If you’d rather not receive notifications for this or any other thread, you can set the ‘watching’ settings to muted.

My best,