Crossref member experience team - very limited support during week of June 5

Hello all,

As many of you know, we are a remote-first team with 45 staff spanning from San Diego to Jakarta. We don’t get many opportunities to get together in person. Especially during a pandemic. For instance, Evans Atoni joined our technical support team in September 2021, but he and I have yet to meet outside of Zoom. I haven’t seen any of my colleagues in person since February 2020.

I won’t be able to say that after next week.

During the week of 5th June, several of us will be working remotely from the same location. While it won’t be a complete break - we’ll still be working just in a different place - we’re going to prioritize time together. As a result, we will be providing very limited technical and membership support from 5th to 9th June to allow our Member Experience team that time together.

All non-urgent questions here in the Community Forum and into our technical and membership support teams via email/Zendesk will be left unanswered until the week of 12th June.

Thanks for your understanding,