Including ROR as a funder identifier in your metadata

As many of you know, the Open Funder Registry will transition into the ROR Registry. We will be supporting ROR IDs instead of Funder IDs in Crossref metadata record registration soon but first would like to test the process using our Labs metadata pipeline and need your XML - we’ve done some internal testing but as we all know the fun doesn’t really begin until we have real-world metadata records to ingest. We’ll have an API available soon but for our initial round of testing we’d like to upload your XML ourselves to work out any problems in advance.

If you collect ROR identifiers and want to include them as funder identifiers, details on the changes and logic are available in this document, or feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


I may be missing a link in the post, but do you have a schema ref for what you are looking for? We may have some metadata we can contribute to the effort. Thanks!


Hi Liz, sorry I missed this comment and thanks for your interest - the details are available here: . Please let me know if you have questions.

Hi , i think you meant to send this to Liz Agee?

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Thanks so much! I’ll pass the information along.

Thank you so much! I will send the information as soon as posible


If users collect ROR identifiers and want to include them as funder identifiers in Crossref metadata record registration, they can refer to the provided document for details on the changes and logic.