Plus OAI-PMH Feed returning badArgument 500 internal server error since 3rd Sept


There seems to be a problem with the OAI-PMH Plus feed, since September 3rd 2023. We have two daily import that makes requests for articles and books, here’s an example of the requests we make:

oai-crossref-org / oai?metadataPrefix=cr_unixml&from=2023-09-03&until=2023-09-03&set=B&verb=ListRecords

Prior to the 3rd, we were able to retrieve data from the repository. The error message we get is:

500 Internal Server Error

I’ve confirmed that the Crossref token we’ve been granted is working, can you please investigate?


I’ve had to modify the url example above since I’m not allowed to post links.

Hi @gdfry ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the Community Forum! We’ve heard from a few Metadata Plus subscribers about this.

It’s taken us a little longer than we would have liked to identify the problem, but our customer relationship management system underwent a routine, quarterly release on Sunday around 2000 UTC that introduced this bug. Some of our members’ internal identifiers got out of sync as a result of that release. Unfortunately, it sounds like you might be one of them. Our technical team is working on the fix now.

I’ll provide updates on our status page - Crossref Status - Member sync error causing OAI-PMH access issue and data inaccuracies - and will confirm with you on this forum post once we have this fully resolved.

Our apologies,

Hi @gdfry ,

We deployed a fix to this bug. All of the Plus tokens that I have spot checked are providing access to their Metadata Plus subscribers. Can you let me know if you continue to experience problems on your end?


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for resolving the issue. We’ve been running fine until 23rd Sept, when we started seeing constant timeouts from this request:

We’re performing an import on books (set=B) only which is failing.
We also have a similar regular import on articles/journals (set=J) which has been working fine over this same period. Can you please investigate further?