DOi for publisher

I am a publisher ,our publication is registered in India.I need the 20 doi for book chapters ,how can I purchase it. Kindly guide me .


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Hi @wajahat and welcome to the Crossref Community Forum.

In order to register DOIs and deposit metadata for your publications, your organization must be a member of Crossref. You can learn more about applying for membership here.

There are two types of membership: independent membership and sponsored membership. Independent members interact with Crossref directly, depositing their own metadata with us and managing their own quarterly content registration fee and annual membership fee payments. Sponsored members work with an intermediary third-party sponsoring organization who acts as a go-between Crossref and your organization. The sponsor may provide local language support and technical support, and pays Crossref directly; their sponsored members in turn pay the sponsor. You can browse a list of sponsors working in your area here.

I want to emphasize that DOIs are a long-term commitment; while you will pay an initial fee for registering them, you aren’t “buying” them, and you will have an obligation as a Crossref member (either independent or sponsored) to maintain the DOI and the metadata in the long term.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to let me know.

What is the field of your book?

Our journal publishes in the field of social sciences.

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Hi @Wajahat,
I hope this message finds you well!

Our great member support specialist with Crossref - Knopp-Schwyn (@collinks) in the third reply wrote everything you need to know in order to help with your issue.

Yours sincerely,
Valentyn Shapovalov,
Shapovalov Scientific Publishing OU, CrossRef Sponsor


Br. Wajahat
Being sponsored organization of Crossref we shall be more than happy to generate and activate you dois.
We have long, amazing and trustworthy connection and experience with Crossref.
Please file the online form or share information at undersigned contacts.

Taha Nazir PhD
WhatsApp +1(647)526-0885

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Hospital administration

+1 how can we apply for doi in our journals? please help us

apply through the prescribed Web Deposit Form


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Hi again all,

Thanks to everyone for joining the discussion and especially welcome to everyone who’s posting to the Community Forum for the first time.

I see that several of our sponsors have replied to this thread! It’s great to see our sponsors here. When considering which sponsor you might wish to work with, it’s important to keep in mind that most sponsors only work with members in particular regions of the world so you’ll want to make sure to choose a sponsor who works in your area. A full list of sponsors, grouped by area, can be found here.

@steveembang - you can read more about joining Crossref in order to begin registering DOIs and depositing metadata for your journal(s) here.

@Joydeb - The Web Deposit Form is one of Crossref’s helper tools. The Form allows you to enter plaintext for the various metadata fields (article title, author names, URL, date, etc.) rather than sending this information to Crossref via XML. The Web Deposit Form is a super helpful tool (we think!) but you must first join Crossref in order to use the Web Deposit Form or any other method to deposit metadata/register DOIs with Crossref.

If anyone has any other questions about applying for Crossref membership or anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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