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Help creating XML documents

Hi there!

I wanted to ask for help to learn the basics of XML.

I need to deposit metadata related to 400 proceedings :disappointed_relieved: in the past I’ve done big deposits like this manually, but I’m pretty sure there’s a better way to do so!

I don’t know much about XML, but I believe I can learn it if I have the right resources :slightly_smiling_face:

My biggest doubt is how can I generate the XML documents with the right format.

Could someone help me with that or suggest some good resources to help me learn?

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,


Hi @marina welcome to community platform.

I see that the best option for registering conferences is by Web Deposit Form, for those who do not master XML.

Let’s see if there are any more options. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, Web Deposit Form is nice, but to do 400 proceedings using this tool seems exhausting and time consuming… :sweat:


Hi @marina ,

Thanks for your message, and welcome to the community forum. Yes, 400 conference papers would be a lot to key into the web deposit form, as @BrunaErlandsson points out. Generating your own XML would be preferable.

You can find XML examples for conference papers here: examples/conf_single_4.4.2.xml · master · crossref / Schema · GitLab (this example only includes one paper, but uses schema version 4.4.2) and here: Fast and accurate flow-insensitive points-to analysis (this example has more than one paper included in the example, but uses the 4.3.7 schema version).

Take a look at the XML examples and let us know if you have any questions about generating your own XML.

My best,


Thanks everyone for the answers!

And thanks Isaac, I’ll take a look into that! :grinning:

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Hi Isaac!

Is there any step-by-step website or video tutorial that explains how to create an XML file from the scratch?

Sorry if I sound very dumb… but I always had this doubt: is the XML generated from a .csv file, properly filled with all the important metadata?

If so, would be possible to find an example of this?

Or is it much more complex? :rofl:

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Hi Bruna,

We don’t have a tutorial like that. Generating XML is pretty complicated and typically requires some programming experience.

There isn’t any prefabricated script that will transform a csv file into valid Crossref xml. We experimented with building one some years ago, but it just produced too much data loss.

That said, we know there are members who have written their own scripts to convert csv to xml. The reason those can work is that the members know exactly how they organize their own metadata in csv format, and more importantly, they only use a single content type, and a very minimal subset of all possible metadata elements. The schema is too complicated for a ‘one size fits all approach’, but it can work if you’re only supply the bare minimum metadata.

But in general, help with creating xml is beyond the scope of what we can offer.

If there are other members on the forum who have had experience successfully writing a csv-to-xml conversion for their own use, or otherwise picking up xml skills, we’d love to hear their input!


Thank you so much Shayn :heart:

Thats what I wanted to know, if it is necessary a bit more than just self effort haha You were very clear, as usual :wink:

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