ISSN "05701791" has already been assigned, title/issn: Annals of Arid Zone/05701791 is owned by publisher: 10.21276


We are using OJS-3.4 and trying to deposit the content on Crossref by plugin but getting errors.

ISSN "05701791" has already been assigned, title/issn: Annals of Arid Zone/05701791 is owned by publisher: 10.21276
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<doi_batch_diagnostic status="completed" sp="">
   <record_diagnostic status="Failure" msg_id="22">
      <doi>all doi's under the current journal element</doi>
      <msg>ISSN "05701791" has already been assigned, title/issn: Annals of Arid Zone/05701791 is owned by publisher: 10.21276</msg>

Hello @shantanu198713,

Thank you for your post.

So the reason that you are getting that error message is because the journal you are trying to deposit against is currently under the ownership of a different member.

We enforce a concept of ownership for the titles that are registered with Crossref. When the first DOI for a title is registered with us by a member, this creates a title record in our system. This title record ties the title to the prefix belonging to that member. The member who owns that prefix is then the only member allowed to create new DOIs for content belonging to that title (or update the metadata on existing DOIs for that title).

If that title is then acquired by a member with a different prefix, we have the option to transfer ownership of that title in the Crossref system to the other member’s prefix, but we need a title transfer notification to confirm that the disposing publisher approves the move.]

The title you mentioned is currently owned by Marwah Infotech (10.21276) in the Crossref system. If you believe the title should be under a different members ownership we would need a title transfer notification to confirm that they are happy with the transfer. There are several different ways to do this.

Option 1 - preferred option

If a title transfer has been posted to the Enhanced Transfer Alerting Service (ETAS), let us know and we’ll proceed with the transfer without further confirmation.

Option 2

If you don’t participate in Transfer (ETAS), please send confirmation that the disposing publisher is aware of and agrees with the ownership transfer. The confirmation may be a forwarded email from the disposing publisher to the acquiring publisher acknowledging the transfer. The forwarded email must contain the original sender details.

Option 3

Alternatively, if there is a notice on the disposing publisher’s website confirming the move, that works too.

Whichever option you use, please be specific about what is being transferred - include ISSNs, ISBNs, and when you need the transfer to occur (if applicable). Do be specific about which prefix the title is being transferred to, as some publishers have more than one prefix.

Important issue to discuss with the disposing publisher

Before the transfer, it’s important to check that all displayed DOIs using the disposing publisher’s prefix have definitely been successfully registered with us.

If, for example, the disposing publisher has DOIs on their own prefix displayed on their website for their latest issue, but they haven’t yet registered these DOIs with Crossref, that would cause a problem. As soon as we transfer ownership of the title to the acquiring publisher, the disposing publisher will no longer be able to register any new DOIs on the disposing publisher prefix. And obviously, as those DOIs have already been displayed on a website, it’s vital that they have been registered and actually work!

So in advance of sending us the title transfer request, make sure to get confirmation from the disposing publisher that they have definitely successfully registered all DOIs for this title that have already been displayed on their site.

Use of existing DOIs

After the transfer is complete, it’s vital that your organisation doesn’t register new DOIs for content that already has a DOI registered by the original publisher. Once a DOI has been registered for an item, that DOI needs to remain the persistent identifier for that item - forever. Registering new DOIs for content that already has DOIs contravenes clause 2 h 3 of the Crossref membership terms. Your organisation should continue to display and use the existing DOIs, despite the fact that they aren’t on your prefix. Don’t worry - if we do a full title transfer, you’ll then be able to update the metadata on these DOIs, even though they aren’t on your prefix. It’s our expectation that your platform will be able to accommodate this.

You can learn more about our title transfer process here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

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Hi @pdavis Thanks for your reply

We have discussed this with Marwah Infotech (10.21276) and he has agreed to transfer the title from 10.21276 to 10.56093. Can you do the same process for us?

Please update us if you process the title transfer, we will contact Marwah Infotech (10.21276) to confirm the title transfer notification.

I encountered it today, it was your journal name that was filled in incorrectly! I have encountered this issue three times in a journal today, and later found out that the journal name was incorrect

Hi @shantanu198713 , thanks for your reply.

Please ask Marwah Infotech to email to confirm the transfer. Once we have received their approval, we will complete the transfer and let you know when it is done and your account is able to register DOIs for Annals of Arid Zone.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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Hi @collinks

As per discussion with Marwah Infotech (10.21276), he has not received any email from for title ownership transfer. He is saying that CrossRef will send an email for confirmation and then he will confirm it.

We have raised the question for a title transfer request from our office email ID with reference ID #504032.

Please guide us, if you need any email from our side we will send it to you.

Thanks @shantanu198713

I’ve identified the message and will follow up later today.

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Hi @collinks Marwah Infotech (10.21276) has sent a confirmation email to Please look into this and take the necessary action.