ORCID URIs in Linked Data response use HTTP instead of HTTPS

I hit a snag using the Linked Data DOI dereferencing service to Crossref metadata. Where available, the Crossref metadata represents ORCID URIs as HTTP uris instead of HTTPS. This breaks Linked Data browsing as retrieving the ORCID Linked Data metadata using that URI will return a graph centered around the HTTPS response.

Encoding the protocol in the identifier is a problem with Linked Data in general, but given that HTTP URIs are out of favor, it would be great if the Crossref Linked Data metadata service were to return HTTPS URIs for everything.

Hi @RinkeHoekstra ,

Thanks for your message. You’re absolutely right. We’re returning HTTP uris instead of HTTPS for the ORCID iDs in our APIs:

I’ve opened a ticket with our product and technical teams about updating those to use HTTPS instead.


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Hi Isaac, thank you so much! Looking forward to the fix.

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Hello @RinkeHoekstra ,

We’ve discussed this internally and have decided against updating all ORCID iD URIs to https. This decision is in line with other decisions about altering member-registered metadata. For other URIs that we - Crossref - construct or assert on the record we have updated them to https in the past, but given that this is deposited metadata and http is not technically wrong, we will be maintaining the typical approach we take with the REST API, which is to faithfully represent deposited metadata.

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Hi @ifarley,

Thank you very much for following up on this. I agree with the approach that you shouldn’t be altering deposited data. I assumed you had generated the URIs from a non-URI identifier.
I will try to make sure that we deposit the correct URIs in the future.

Thanks again!


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