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Registering new DOI for a journal article which has already DOI number under another prefix (a.k.a. "other-duplicate")

There is a journal article which is already submitted to ResearchSquare (pre-screen) and it has a DOI number -

Authors also submitted that article to one of the our sponsored member journal and they are going to be accepted and published.

They would like to know if a new DOI can be registered under sponsored member prefix or not.

Hi. That ResearchSquare DOI is registered for the preprint version of the paper which is posted on ResearchSquare. But, the preprint is distinct from a Version-of-Record publication in your sponsored member’s journal. So, they should definitely register a distinct DOI for the VoR article.

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Thank you for the clarification Shayn.

Hi @Shayn ,

I have a related question. We assign DOIs and want to submit our journal articles to a repository. We have been informed that the submissions to the repository would get assigned an additional DOI by the repository. I just wanted to check with you that this is OK.


The repository should not register duplicate DOIs for VoR articles that already have DOIs registered. This is different than the situation with preprints, because the articles are already accepted for publication and/or formally published.