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Removal of funder citaton

Hi - we need to remove a cited funder from an article that has already been deposited. Can someone confirm that if we resupply the metadata with the funder removed, will it be removed from the Crossref record and any possible downstream deposits?


Did you ever get the answer to this question about funders?

Nope. Can someone from Crossref answer this one? @Shayn?

Hi Rob

As funder metadata is one of the items that can be uploaded via a resource deposit, it’s not removed when it’s just left out of the XML file - the system needs to be actively told to clear the funder data that’s stored against the DOI.

To do this, you need to include a blank funder tag to remove the section altogether. Here’s some sample markup in case it helps.

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Thanks for getting back to me. Am I understanding correctly, then, that ALL funding data needs to be removed, and then a second resupply with the funders that need to remain needs to be made?

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Hi Rob - sorry, I misunderstood this as a question about deleting ALL funder metadata. If you just want to delete one funder, but leave the rest in there, you can just resubmit your file with the funder you want to remove taken out. (So you were right first time!)