TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'title')

Hello! I am trying to deposit articles, but after processing there is an error: “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘title’)”. The articles are written “accepted”, the DOIs work, but the articles are still in the “To deposit” folder. Can you advise me where I am making a mistake? I haven’t had this happen to me yet.


Many thanks for your post.

Firstly can I check you are getting this error on Metadata Manager? I would recommend moving over to the Web Deposit Form as Metadata Manager is no longer being supported with any updates.

But if you can send me over your prefix and the article that you are having the issue with I will try to help further with this.

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Hello, yes it happens in Metadata Manager.

Prefix: 10.34135

I am not sure wich article is doing this, because I deposited 20 articles (2 issues of journal Media Literacy and Academic Research) and they are all in the “to deposit” folder.

Thank you,