eISSN and print ISSN do not work together


We are currently experiencing an issue with the ISSN

Our journal’s name is: ‘‘সাহিত্য পত্রিকা - Shahitto Potrika | University of Dhaka’’

our eISSN is ‘‘3006-886X’’

and Print ISSN is ‘‘05581583’’

We cannot simultaneously use our eISSN and Print ISSN. Please assist us with this issue.



Can you say more about what you mean by “We cannot simultaneously use our eISSN and Print ISSN.”?

Are you getting a particular error message when you try to submit metadata to us? If so, what is the error message? And, if you have a submission ID, please provide that as well.


Actually, in OJS, we can’t use our print ISSN because only the eISSN is associated with it.
Could you combine the journal title with two ISSNs?

OJS allows you to include both print and eISSN in the title level metadata. Please see their documentation here.

Do you have both print ISSN and eISSN included in your OJS settings for this journal?