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Handshake_failure error in notifications

Hello and good day, I’m trying to activate notifications for newly created DOIs on our platform, I’m following this guide documentation/content-registration/verify-your-registration/notification-callback-service/ in the crossref page,
but I’m having an issue trying to test the endpoint, I’m following the steps until the “2. Test your endpoint” step.
I send the test request and it goes ok but the notification never arrives and when I query the notifications I get this this error
unable to complete notification: callback-notification
with this exception Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

If you want more information I’ll be happy to post what I have.

thanks for your time

Hello @gpinzon,

Could you let me know if you are still having this issue. I am not aware of any issues currently but I would be happy to investigate further for you if you have more information you can send me. What is your username you are using to create the endpoint against?


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Thank you for your help, I’m still having the issue, the username is morr, I created one endpoint in the test environment (this one test.crossref.o‎rg/notification-callback/exec/createNotificationCallback), and that went alright, but when I test that endpoint (using this test.crossref.o‎rg/notification-callback/exec/createNotificationCallback), it doesn’t work. When I query the notification callback attempts (using this test.crossref.o‎rg/notification-callback/exec/findNotificationCallbackAttempts) I see the error I described in the first post.

@pdavis can you help me?


So in the example you say you created an endpoint in the system using test.crossref.o‎rg/notification-callback/exec/createNotificationCallback. Is that one you used?

To create an endpoint point using cURL you would need to use "\

Then you test that using "https://test.crossref.o‎rg/notification-callback/exec/createNotificationCallback

Hello Paul
Thanks you for your response, I posted the wrong link in my previous answer but I used the endpoint you mentioned and created the endpoint without issues, it’s when I test the endpoint using createNotificationCallback that doesn’t work, and after querying the notifications I see the error I mention in my first post Received fatal alert: handshake_failure