Problem with date in metadata of DOIs

I’m one of the editors of a new journal. Because we had difficulties with our initial registration with CrossRef, DOIs were assigned to articles and book reviews after the publication of the inaugural issue.

The issue was published on 31 March 2024. DOIs were finally assigned and registered this week (on 12 June 2024). We generated the DOIs with the CrossRef XML plugin in our OJS installation; most of the DOIs were registered manually through the CrossRef webform but a couple were registered directly from the OJS. The DOIs all resolve correctly and play nicely with sites like ORID and ResearchGate [dot] net.

However, the date in the metadata for the DOIs seems to be the date that the DOIs were registered rather than the date of publication. (The date of publication is correct in the OJS metadata and was correctly included in the webform.)

So, two questions:

  1. Since the correct publication date is given on the pages to which the DOIs resolve, is this a non-issue?
  2. If this should be corrected, where and how do we do that? Thanks in advance for any guidance. Note: we’re all new to this technical of CrossRef and DOIs.

Hello, and thanks for your questions.

The publication dates should definitely be corrected, but you’ll need to make that correction from within OJS. You can change the date published value to backdate it, as described in OJS’s documentation here.

Then you’ll need to manually resend the metadata to Crossref, which is also described in the OJS documentation here.

Just as a reminder, OJS isn’t our product, so we’re relatively limited in how much we can help you with its use. The PKP Forum is a very useful resource where you can learn from other OJS users.