Registering datasets

Our university is creating a data repository and we have three questions about the Crossref dataset registry:

  1. Is it necessary to use a different DOI prefix to register datasets?
  2. In the DOI registration form we usually fill out we can’t find the option for dataset registration. Where could we find it?
  3. Does Crossref have a technical manual for dataset registration?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Soledad,

You can use the prefix assigned to your account to register all content types.

You can’t actually use the Web Deposit Form to register datasets unfortunately. But you can find an example XML file for datasets here: best-practice-examples/dataset.5.3.0.xml · master · crossref / Schema · GitLab

So you can adjust the XML file and then deposit that file to us as per below:

You can deposit the xml file to our system following these instructions:

  • Login to here: using your credentials sent over to you during your registration
  • Click on ‘Submissions’
  • Click on ‘Upload’
  • Select your xml file by clicking the ‘Choose file’ button
  • Select the type ‘Metadata’
  • Click upload

Here is the markup guide for datasets: Datasets markup guide - Crossref

I hope this helps.