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Journal and article markup guide with required/optional details?

This may be a very basic and possibly silly question with an obvious answer. I’m looking for a full journal and article markup example with all of the possible metadata fields and information as to which fields are required/optional.

I have checked relevant guidance in the schema documentation as well as the Education site. The closest example to what I am looking for is is here: Journals and articles markup guide - Crossref. However, the given example does not include additional fields such as ORCID IDs for authors.

I want to use this information to share with colleagues to help them understand metadata options and requirements. The full schema documentation is a little too detailed and complex for this purpose.


Hello Maria,

We do have example XML files that can be found in our GitLab area, here is the journal article specific one: examples/journal_article_4.4.2.xml · master · crossref / Schema · GitLab

This one does have ORCiD iDs included but it wouldn’t have the full list of possible fields available. We don’t have a file like that, it would be quite large. The best option might be to try and build up this example with any particular fields you want to refer to based on the schema we have.

Hopefully this is at least a good start for the information sharing, the full list of examples might also have some useful information in as well.

Please do let me know if you need any further information.


Thanks, Paul. The example you shared is helpful but I’m also looking for indicators as to which fields are required.

It sounds like I may have to create this reference myself :slight_smile:


Hi Maria,

So if you take a look at the schema documentation everything that has a bold line going from the parent element, to the child element is a required field. For instance the <journal> element would require the <journal_metadata> element for the deposit to be successful. You can also see at the bottom of the diagram in the instance section a list of the elements and if inside the parenthesis there is a {1,1} or {1,20} then this shows that at least 1 is required and the second number is how many you can have in the XML file.

Other fields can be optional but when added to the XML file then have many required child elements to be added for it to be successful.

I hope this helps somewhat and do send me any further questions over if you have them.


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